MindClear individual sessions online and at Concorde House

  • I will work with you to develop a personalised programme of 1-to-1 sessions targeting your specific concerns. In a safe and highly confidential environment we will identify and explore exactly what you need to achieve lasting positive results. Individual sessions are recommended if you are suffering from a particular issue – especially if this has become chronic
  • Initial consultation and practice £75 (1.5 hrs)
  • £55 for all following sessions
  • Packages available : 5 sessions @ £250.

MindClear open group sessions online and at Concorde House

  • Perfect if you are interested in finding out more about sophrology and enjoy a group dynamic
  • I will work through the exercises and techniques we use: simple physical exercises, breathing techniques and gentle visualisations. There will be plenty of time to practise these each session and a gradual progression from week to week. We will also explore how sophrology can be used to address specific common issues such as stress management, sleep, energy levels and focus
  • A positive, non-judgemental group dynamic is encouraged at all times and the sense of mutual interest and support will often become a very enriching addition to the practice itself
  • £10 per session (£7 students)

MindClear tailor-made private courses for groups to address specific issues

Prices and availability on request.

  • I develop courses of different lengths to deal with specific issues common to a particular group of people. These courses are tailor-made to suit the group in question but will often be quite organic in nature as the group develops with the course and the course develops with the group
  • Areas of interest may be any of the following:
    – Keeping stress under control – the magic of breathing
    – Building emotional resilience and finding your inner strengths
    – Preparation for an event – exams, presentations, competitions
    – Regaining and maintaining confidence
    – Managing sleep and boosting energy levels
    – General well-being and self-development
  • A one-off taster session can be arranged in order for the group’s needs to be fully assessed and main areas of interest identified.

Christchurch University “Life after Uni” workshops to manage Stress and increase Resilience:
“I found the workshop fascinating, it gave me space to think.”
“I enjoyed looking at things in a new way.”
“I have taken away approaches that will help me over the next few months as I prepare for my exams …”