Mind your stress


A tool box for managing stress and building emotional resilience

Mind your stress

Mind your Stress!

A tool box for managing stress and building emotional resilience

Stress is “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them”. ISMA (International Stress Association Mangement UK). While we cannot do much about life’s ups and downs, we can actively lessen the negative impact the latter may have on us by managing this ‘adverse reaction’ which can leave us feeling weak, vulnerable and less resilient to cope with our day-to-day activities and relationships.

If stress is allowed to take control of us the consequences can be highly detrimental resulting in lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, poor self-esteem and anxiety or even insomnia, migraines, panic attacks and digestive issues.

We need to feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

In sophrology we use a powerful combination of breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and tailor-made visualisations to build inner resilience and manage our reactions to stressful situations and thoughts.

As we learn to control our emotional response to stress we are able to reap the benefits from the stimulating effects it can have on us; enhanced performance, focus and productivity, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The sessions will involve:

  • Understanding how stress affects physical and mental well-being – the good as well as the bad aspects!
  • Learning simple relaxing techniques to effectively keep stress under control and reduce the harm it does both in the short and long term.
  • Guided tailor-made visualisations to tap into your own pool of resources and capacities. (You will have these recorded for use between sessions).
  • Building emotional resilience to create a layer of genuine self-protection and maintain inner strength.

“I came to Deborah at a time when I was particularly vulnerable and stressed, given a number of relationship issues I was encountering in my life. I was astounded at her ability to listen, to show true empathy and to understand.

Our chats plus the exercises she gave me to practice between sessions helped me see life more clearly and reduce my stress levels. Deborah Monje-Jelfs and sophrology are a combination that works!” August ‘16