Since starting sophrology with Deb, I am noticeably less anxious and able to manage my emotions better

Since starting sophrology with Deb, I am noticeably less anxious and able to manage my emotions better. Over time, I can also feel myself building up greater resilience and find it easier to bounce back in times of stress.

I practice yoga which can have a similar effect, but what sophrology has given me additionally is an ability to be comfortable in complete stillness and enjoy the present moment. I would highly recommend sophrology with Deb to anyone looking to invite a bit more calm into their life. VAILA – June 2021

Through Deborah’s guidance – and excellent listening skills – my Monday evenings in lockdown were transformed

Having never done anything like sophrology before, I admit I was initially sceptical. Breathing techniques and mindfulness had never ‘done’ anything for me in the past, so I assumed sophrology would be the same. However, looking back on the journey I had, I could not have been more wrong. Through Deborah’s guidance—and excellent listening skills—my Monday evenings in lockdown were transformed.

She created a space in which I felt able to discuss (without judgement) how I was feeling. Then, Deborah tailored each class to reflect both how I was feeling and what was going on in my life so that I could get the most from each session. As I got used to the techniques, I was able to build upon what I learnt and move through the different levels of sophrology. I was then able to translate some of the dynamic movements and breathing techniques into my everyday life— especially when I felt nervous or anxious.

In the end, sophrology became an essential part of how I managed my mental and physical well being throughout lockdown. I highly recommend Deborah and her expert guidance of sophrology – thank you!  SOPHIE – June 2021

Experience of 6 sessions of sophrology without any prior experience

“I didn’t know anything about sophrology prior to meeting Deborah. I did a session a week for six weeks. After each session, I felt more relaxed and able to think more clearly and positively.

The breathing techniques I have learnt are still helping me everyday, particularly when I am under pressure. The visualisation exercises are also a great tool. I feel that I’ve become more resilient and able to manage my stress levels more efficiently since I have discovered my protective mental bubble!

Sophrology in general has taught me to take the time to care for myself, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Thank you Deborah!”
C. Shield, May 2017

Christchurch University “Life after Uni” workshops, to manage Stress and increase Resilience

Participant feedback
“I found the workshop fascinating, it gave me space to think.”
“I enjoyed looking at things in a new way.”
“I have taken away approaches that will help me over the next few months as I prepare for my exams …”  
April 2017

Careers consultant
“Deborah was professional in her planning and responsive to the needs of the client group which included final year students and professional services staff. Students and staff actively engaged with the opportunity to undertake a workshop to help them manage stress in their working or student life.” March 2017

A client who came for 8 sessions of sophrology as they were feeling overwhelmed by external pressures and circumstances

“I found the sophrology sessions with Deb immensely rewarding. Her calm and reassuring voice guided me through visualisation exercises, breathing and sensory routines, helping me to explore quiet and safe places away from the hubbub of daily life.

I return to these exercises frequently, confident that they will help me when things get too much. Sophrology routines can be practised anywhere and everywhere.

I particularly enjoy visualisations, which allow me to be creative with my inward eye. There are lots of routines to choose from. Even five minutes a day works a treat.”   January 2016

This person had just 3 sessions of sophrology

“I came to Deborah at a time when I was particularly vulnerable and stressed, given a number of relationship issues I was encountering in my life. I was astounded at her ability to listen, to show true empathy and to understand.

Our chats plus the exercises she gave me to practice between sessions helped me see life more clearly and reduce my stress levels.

Deborah Monje-Jelfs and sophrology are a combination that works!”  August 2016