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Join me at Concorde House Clinic, Stour Street, Canterbury for a new 6-week series of sophrology practice sessions from 10 – 11 on Sunday mornings.

During each session we will explore the fundamental principals of sophrology and learn simple but effective exercises to practice at home and at work.

In a nutshell this is what the experience will entail:

Focus on the body: Using simple but effective physical exercises to release tension and stimulate a sense of relaxation, the mind also starts to settle and ruminations gently ebb away. As a result, we begin to feel more grounded and less dispersed, achieving what the creator of sophrology, Alfonso Caycedo, called ‘an alert mind in a relaxed body’.

Connection with the breath: To better understand how our breath really is our ‘greatest ally’, particularly in times of anxiety or confusion. We will explore how different breathing techniques can help us to regulate our nervous system and provide us with valuable tools to manage our mental and physical well-being, whatever the circumstances.

Targeted visualisations: Following on from the above, to end the session, I will guide you through a gentle visualisation to learn how to tap into the positive sensations of a happy memory, a place, an intention or the simple pleasures of the natural world. By planting seeds of positivity in this way and encouraging their growth, we are able to squeeze out the habitual negative thoughts and feelings that so often exhaust and destabilise us.

This short course will run from Sunday 13th March to 24th April (with no practice on Easter Sunday, 17th April). It is designed to be a complete introduction to sophrology so perfect if you have never tried this method before and also good for anyone wanting to revisit the ‘basics’ of level 1.

The rate per session is £12 or £60 for the course of 6, payable in advance.

To book your place please call or message me on 07415 602997 or send me an email to


These classes are for anyone who has had some regular personal practice of the method and continue to be held via Zoom on Thursday evenings from 5 – 6 pm.

  • The rate per session is £7 or £25 per month (4 sessions) payable in advance. Payment details will be provided at the time of booking.
  • Students pay a reduced rate of £5 per session and if you are new to sophrology and would like to try a one-off FREE session, with absolutely no commitment, please get in touch.
  • To book your place on either day or to ask about other potential times, please call or message me on 07415 602997 or send me an email to