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Embrace the present to meet the future with confidence and clarity

A new series of 6 sessions to help us understand and explore how the more we are able to maintain a strong anchor in the present, the better equipped we become to envisage the future with greater clarity and confidence.

  • By bringing our attention to the body, using simple but effective exercises to release tension and stimulate a sense of relaxation, our mind starts to settle and any ruminations gently ebb away. As a result, we begin to feel more grounded and less dispersed, achieving what the creator of sophrology, Alfonso Caycedo, called ‘an alert mind in a relaxed body’.
  • During these sessions we’ll connect with our breath to better understand how it really is our ‘greatest ally’, particularly in times of anxiety or confusion. Using different techniques to self-regulate the nervous system and at the same time boost oxygen levels in the blood, we can restore a true sense of vitality and support the immune system to boot.
  • Each week I will guide you through a gentle, targeted visualisation to tap into the positive vision of a future project, event or situation, By planting seeds of positivity and encouraging their growth, we start to squeeze out the usual negative thoughts and feelings that exhaust and destabilise us.

This new course will run from MONDAY 18TH JANUARY TO MONDAY 22ND FEBRUARY 5 – 6 PM so book soon to ensure your place!

There is also the possibility of a day-time or weekend class if there is enough interest so do let me know if you would prefer either option.

If you are new to sophrology and would like to try a one-off FREE session, with absolutely no commitment, I would love to hear from you!

The rate per session is £7 – or £36 for the course of 6 if paid in advance.

For students, there is a reduced rate of £5 per session or £25 for the course. Payment details provided at the time of booking.

To book your place and receive your Zoom invitation call or message me on 07415 602997 or email