The training and practice I received at The Sophrology Academy equipped me with the knowledge and skills to help people optimise well-being and regain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives. As a practitioner I am always guided by the person or people in front of me and tailor-make my sessions with them to bring relief and lasting results as swiftly as possible.  The issues I most commonly work with can be grouped into four main areas:

Mind your Stress!

A tool box for managing stress and building emotional resilience

  • Understand how stress affects our physical and mental well-being
  • Learn simple relaxing techniques to effectively keep stress under control and reduce the harm it does both in the short and long term
  • Build emotional resilience to create a layer of genuine self-protection and inner strength
  • Explore how stress affects physical and mental well-being – the good as well as the bad aspects!

The Confidence Minder

How to boost your confidence and maximise performance

  • Get out of your head and into your body to discover your personal resources and strengths
  • Learn how to replace negative images and fears with positive alternatives to restore confidence in yourself and others
  • Reconnect with your values and use them to motivate and restore purpose
  • Let go of worries and doubt and learn to tap into your true potential and embrace new opportunities
  • Prepare for specific goals or events such as exams, competitions, interviews and presentations.

A Sleep Mindset

Get sleep back on track and improve energy levels

  • Our sleep needs and what happens when we sleep
  • Sleep ‘hygiene’ and how we prepare for sleep the moment we wake up
  • Tailor-made relaxation techniques to restore the delicate mind-body balance that is so vital for sleep quality
  • Specific visualisations to help restore quality sleep and boost energy levels. (These may be recorded for use at home)
  • Flash naps vs power naps – when and how to use them
  • Getting rid of the fear and anxiety surrounding sleep and rediscovering the joys of bedtime!

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Mindful of Balance

Exploring Self-Development and how to maintain a Life-Work Balance

  • Relaxation techniques for use at home and at work
  • Managing stressful situations and anxiety
  • Confidence and positive self-image
  • Resilience for the work place and relationships
  • Life-work balance
  • Focus and creativity
  • Coping with change
  • Preparing for an event
  • Reconnecting with your personal values and vision
  • Improving sleep