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The training and practice I received at The Sophrology Academy equipped me with the knowledge and skills to help people optimise well-being and regain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives. As a practitioner I am always guided by the person or people in front of me and tailor-make my sessions with them to bring relief and lasting results as swiftly as possible. The issues I most commonly work with can be grouped into four main areas:

My story

Maureen CarrollSeveral years ago I trained with Monty Roberts’ instructors in Intelligent Horsemanship principles and this completely changed my way of thinking about how to use an animal’s natural instincts and body language (in this case, a horse) to train them in a positive, force-free way. Notwithstanding my love of horses and cats, I feel that there’s fewer things in life more satisfying than having that great bond with mans’ best friend – the family dog.

Probably the most important and useful piece of advice I ever had is “always try to put your dog in a position where they can get it right” For a dog that is fearful, anxious, defensive or lacking confidence, the trust in the owner is crucial. That’s why I really believe that your relationship with your dog is so important. You give guidance, reward good behaviour, provide positive reinforcement, deal quietly with issues. If the dog cannot take its cue from you, it will find its own way of dealing with situations.

My training

I have trained with Sarah Whitehead, who is an internationally renowned lecturer and pet behaviour counsellor, and Stella Bagshaw, who is one of the UK’s leading “clicker” trainers. So I’m very proud to be a Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer. I have completed my training via Alpha Education – an organisation providing accredited education in the field of behaviour and training.

I’m particularly interested in rescue dogs and spend a lot of my free time volunteering for a well-known dog rescue charity. I’ve seen so many dogs gifted in with behavioural “problems” which could easily be solved with some basic, consistent training. Yet often, when kind people re-home a rescue dog, a few weeks later it can turn out not to be the dog you thought you re-homed. Rescue kennels – not matter how caring and well -run, can have a big impact on dogs, especially long-stays. However, many issues that come up can be easily solved with a bit of time, adjustment and consistency in training.